Born and raised on the Brazilian beaches, Fabio is the orange guy on the picture. Simply put, he likes to make cool shit. Today, he does precisely that at Twitter, and was seen doing nice things at Apple, Ginga, R/GA and going back a little, he learned Swedish so he could attend Hyper Island.

He lives in San Francisco with his gorgeous wife, a sheltie dog and a ragdoll cat he’s proud to have toilet trained (not potty; *actual* toilet—only thing kitten doesn’t do is flush, but that’s next on the list.)

Fabio hardly posts on Twitter, and shares the same links over and over on Facebook . You can check out his Instagram feed or meet some of his co-workers on Linkedin—wait, that’s actually creepy. For bonus cyber stalking points, visit his Flickr, but who updates Flickr anymore?.

And as a general rule for life, please remember: reply to all is evil.